CMS Hosting service to facilitate teaching and learning CMS/LMS/Wiki.

Provide CMS/LMS/Wiki access on a subdomain to teach and support student on a real web development environment.

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Students working with CMS hosting

Practice Account makes learning CMS easy with CMS Hosting.

If you learn or teach a CMS/LMS or Wiki on localhost you can't access all features like update, sending email, configuration, usage and communication between webservices. This limits the learning of CMS.

Moreover, learning a CMS on localhost limit the chances of getting feedback on reviews on your development as peers or trainer can't access your localhost website remotely. Practice Account on the other hand gives you a CMS hosting with subdomain where your website is accessible to everyone to receive feedback.

Features & Benefits.

URL to access website globally

Every practice account comes with a URL like This makes it easy for learner, peers and trainer to check the output of the development in real time.

Remote Access, collaborate and get feedback

Anyone who have password to your CMS based web project can login to develop or check the development process. CMS Trainer can login to check if followed method is correct.

Seamless development Process with CMS hosting

Localhost has many limitations like email restrictions, limitations in CMS update and limit in memory and CPU. Practice Account solve all these problems so you experience seamless development.

Prepares students for careers in web development

Students get experience of development on a live server which is similar to what they will do in the job or an independent project. This also allow students to showcase their website to the employer.


One account


One subdomain

Any CMS from this list

Suitable for individual student/trainer.


Group Account

Multiple subdomains

Each subdomain can have different or same CMS from this list

Suitable for tutors / institutes teaching many students


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